Video interview: Grief related to 9/11 attacks

Check out this clip fom my interview on Bay Area KTVU Ch. 2 news on Sept. 8.

Includes clip with Christine!

Eric & Danielle

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My new services: Elder Care Resource Planning

I have a great new service to announce:  Elder Care and Illness Resource Planning!

I am responding to the distress I have witnessed over the years of folks who are “planning” for their elder care or illness management needs while in crisis, in the emergency room or coming out of a hospital with “discharge planning” that happens very suddenly.  I contend that “planning” does not have to be an emergency!  If there are individuals or families willing to think ahead about what MIGHT be needed in the coming months and years, I can help them avoid the crisis and ease into accessing resources as they are needed.

I had the chance to launch this service with some willing folks on the Peninsula.  This is a couple who, in their very active 60s and 70s, are interested in pre-planning for future needs as they “age in place.”  I offered my research and planning services to them and here’s what we came up with:  a very detailed portfolio of local resources specific to this couple’s likely needs.  This portfolio is intended to be a road-map of resources to access as they may be needed as well as a detailed guide of definitions of different types of care and services available in their specific community.

The portfolios I create are different from a generic and limited hand-out one might obtain from a community senior-center as they are intended to be tailored to the individual client and to be more comprehensive for the client’s specific use.  While I am not currently adding on “care management” to my palate of services, I am available for on-going consultations with my Resource Planning clients.  This is appropriate for individuals and families who may have current needs as well as for those who are anticipating future needs.  I am happy to travel throughout the Bay Area for such location-specific research and consultations.

Contact me if you are interested in planning for yourself or a beloved family member  (510) 522-2663

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Volunteer Training at Sutter Hospice

Last night I had the opportunity to assist with the excellent volunteer training at Sutter Hospice in Emeryville. Merry Steagall, the amazing volunteer coordinator there asked me the speak to volunteers about Setting Healthy Boundaries. I have given this talk in years past, and was happy to do it again. We touched on the importance of maintaining one’s own boundaries as well as respecting those of patients/clients in regard to personal space, respect for time and physical limitations. We covered professional/volunteer role specifications/limitations as well as legal liability issues. Finally, we has some time with the idea of self-care (important for volunteers, professionals and family caregivers alike!). The volunteer group had a lively discussion and I was so glad for the participation and wisdom of Sutter’s new Bereavement Coordinator, Neave. I suspect Merry and the hospice folks may lure me back for more great stuff with the volunteer team. As you may have gathered, I have a big mushy place in my heart for hospice and am so glad to be able to help in this way. More to come ….

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New website

Please visit my new website …

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My listing on

CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) is now changing its therapist listing service. It was previously (this is operational until January 2011). In January, it will be searchable as Check out my profile there!

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Rainy Day for Altar workshop 2010

 The Dia de los Muertos Altar-Making workshop was sparsely attended this year, possibly due to the rain and wind. Despite the storm, the day of art and remembrance was lovely. Check out the photos. I hope to provide this workshop again in the future. Oh, and I found some amazing resources for Day of the Dead supplies (Corazon del Pueblo in Oakland and Global Exchange in Berkeley, along with the gift shop at the Oakland Museum — the large altar installations this year are amazing!). Hasta otro tiempo ….

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Art and science reflections for Lifelong Learners at the SF Exploratorium

Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2010 I will be assisting with the Lifelong Learning Program at the San Francisco Exploratorium. This new series of classes for adults include hand-on science experiences and facilitator-led art projects in response to participants’ reflections. Oct. theme is Plankton Properties, Nov. theme is Illuminating Time and the Dec. theme is Marbling with Physics. I am honored to assist with the art and personal reflections of the groups. Check out for more information. Yesterday (Sun. Oct. 17th) we got a great biologist-led discussion on the Living Waters/plankton exhibit before the Exploratorium opened to the general public and then had an amazing time using recycled plastic materials to create our own interpretation of plankton (using both literal interpretation and free-association). Great fun — playfulness is not just for kids!

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